Flannel Jammies Farm

...praising God on our 1/5 acre of suburbia

Sunday, May 26, 2013

bee yard to let....


Spacious bee yard with slate pavers, sparkling pebbles, and pollinator-friendly plantings!  This desirable property includes a lovely English Garden hive, finished in a light pickling stain, and roofed in copper.  Room for expansion; additional hive boxes included.  The surrounding acreage is perfect for additional construction with additional slate pavers set and all enclosed with privacy fencing.  Room for your family of 50,000... call this lovely site home! 

Contact Flannel Jammies Farm to move in with your bee family today!

(We're putting the finishing touches on the bee yard at Flannel Jammies Farm and hoping to get bees very, very soon!)

Friday, May 17, 2013

half-gallon jars...

The way to this girl's heart?  White roses, anything grey, anything old and rusticated, and canning jars.  A particular favorite of mine is the half-gallon jar.  So useful, so perfectly pretty AND practical!

The pull out drawers in my pantry are filled with these beauties.  They are filled with staples like basmati rice, tri-color quinoa, lots of beans (anasazi beans are pictured here), and more...

A jar sits outside in the sun, brewing refreshing tea for these warmer days...

And those elegant and voluptuous peonies in my garden?  They are perfectly dressed in a half-gallon canning jar...

Live simply.  Love well.  In all things, give thanks... maybe even tuck little notes of gratitude into a half-gallon jar!

Monday, May 6, 2013

a little urban garden tour...

Yesterday we quietly opened the garden gate at Flannel Jammies Farm and hosted a little urban garden tour. 
my sketch translated to steel by Cooper Custom Creations

First I must tell you that we don't really have a 'farm'.  It's more like 1/5 acre near a very busy Town Center area of our city.  We can see the Westin hotel tower (38 stories high) from our back yard.  We have neighbors all around. 

What we do have is an intensely and intentionally planted collection of gardens, offering us food, color, and joy throughout the year.  We grow organically.  We compost.  We water by utilizing a rain barrel. 

We plant herbs and veggies right beside the most lovely peony and hawthorne... in the front of our house... in plain sight from the street!!! 

We border some beds with found stones, some with empty, upside down wine bottles.  We grow annuals and perennials.  And the occasional bottle tree...

We eat and can and dehydrate our harvest, and supplement from local farmers growing food organically and responsibly. 

The day was cloudy and chilly, but our garden was filled with bright smiling faces and warm fellowship.  We were blessed by friends, new and old, and by precious gifts from some visitors. 

We offered delicious refreshments homemade by our lovely daughter. 
Radish butter & bread, hummus & veggies, lemon cupcakes with strawberry lemon marmalade swirled into the buttercream frosting

And most fun of all, we welcomed small friends with a special scavenger hunt and furry friends were greeted by our own Scarlett!

Don’t forget to extend your hospitality to all
—even to strangers—
for as you know, 
some have unknowingly shown kindness to heavenly messengers 
in this way. 
Hebrews 13:2