Flannel Jammies Farm

...praising God on our 1/5 acre of suburbia

Monday, February 21, 2011

More and More Gifts...

41.  warm breezes on skin too long cold

42.  strength to do the work before me

43.  wise words from a dear friend

44.  new mulch, spread by the arms that hold me

45.  round, blossom-filled buds on the dogwood my Daddy gave me
46.  surprises from a husband, always thinking of me

47.  streams of living water from the Word, poured over my world-parched soul

48.  choices before me, options ahead, left or right?

49.  darling Girl Scouts and the cookies they bring, sweetness in my day

50.  deep, rich compost, filled with wiggly worms

51.  her hands, working the yarn to bring comfort to others

52.  knowing that He is with me

53. dedicated ladies gathering each week to pray, to teach, to lead, to encourage

54.  clean water to drink

55.  Tasha's Own Scottish Oats and Honey Goat Milk Soap cleansing and soothing my skin

56.  paper of all kinds... printed and handmade and mulberry and so much more

57.  feet that can still feel the cool grass

58.  a pastor who cares, though he teases that he does not

59.  this funny little house that's become a home

60.  Joy... with 2-week-old baby girl and sweet big brothers and sister, and kind husband, trusting Him for all to move them to a new home... so strong

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Sunny Day

Long, cold winter.  Lots of flannel.  Many layers of Icelandic wool blankets.  Garden beds covered in snow and leaves.  Bbbrrrrrrrrrr!

But over the last few days, the weather has changed.  The skies have gotten brighter.  The breezes have become milder.  And today... today was warm and sunny and PERFECT for gardening!  Spent the afternoon weeding the vegetable garden beds and soaking up some sunny warmth.  Husband discovered beautifully aged compost in the bin, complete with a healthy, growing community of worms.  He dressed the weeded beds with the rich compost before coming inside.

One sunny day has brought such renewal and refreshment, and I am thanking the Lord for it... have you felt the warming earth in your hands yet?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Eyes slowing opening...

...to see the blessings in all things

31.  medical care, affordable and available

32.  aging skin bearing reminders of His repeated healing

33.  birds singing in the sunshine

34.  fresh mulch and bright pansy faces

35.  a husband's love so deep and true

36.  black and white wing tips in my size

37.  furry puppy snuggles

38.  warm woolen shawls

39.  quiet chatting between a father and a daughter

40.  finishing Ann's book... and starting again

Sunday, February 6, 2011


At the end of a long week...
After two long weeks...
After so many changes and so many transitions
   so many joys and heartaches and prayers prayed through quivering lips
   over the last couple of years...

I made pie.

Precious gift of a son came to visit.  To cheer.  To chat.  To comfort his Nana.
Treasured daughter with the tender heart joined us for lunch.  Breaking bread. 
     Sharing smiles.
Husband and Nana and I with the grown-up children, sharing a meal on a rainy February day.

It seems so simple, so normal.  Something we all do from time to time.  But it's been such a time for all of us these last couple of years that this simple thing seemed to slow down time, soothe the wounds of this world, and refresh my heart.

So I made pie.

Something sweet to complete our sweet time together.  Apples and sugar and spices stirred with love.  Crust formed in the dish and gently woven on the top.  Bubbling goodness, warm and rich. 

Pie.  Yum.

I am learning to be ever grateful for these simple joys, these new beginnings, these moments given. 
 And today, the sun is shining and there's one last piece of pie....  *smile*

light is sweet
how pleasant to see a new day dawning.
Ecclesiastes 11:7