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Friday, August 20, 2010

Toxic Childhood

Recently my husband and I viewed "Toxic Childhood" with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN.  It got me thinking again about the things we breathe, touch, eat, drink every day in modern America.

One of the segments of "Toxic Childhood" focused on parents whose only child was taken by childhood cancer: Wilms' tumor, or nephroblastoma.  The parents were citing a recent study that may indicate a link between chemical exposure and Wilms' tumor found in children.  My jaw dropped.

I was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor at the age of 4.  My left kidney was removed and I was treated with radiation and chemotherapy.  That is another story for another day...

Since that time, I've had several other surgeries to remove other growths and other organs, both benign and pre-cancerous.  I've undergone genetic testing and counseling, and though there is NO history of my cancers on either side of my family, the determination is that I have a not-yet-identified genetic syndrome.

First let me say that my God is good, my God is able, and my God is a healer.  I have fallen into His strong arms repeatedly, feeling betrayed by this earthly tent.  Each time, I feel His presence and I am strengthened and encouraged for another day.

But let me also say that there are things in this imperfect world that are dangerous.  The Diet Coke that gives my eyelids a lift each morning.  The cleaners I have used on countless military housing units before agreeing to inhabit them.  The remnants of long-past leaks and floods in the carpet and ceiling of all the offices I have worked in.  BE MINDFUL... take time to think about what you expose yourself and your precious wee ones to each day.  Make wise choices about what nourishes you at mealtime.  Choose baking soda and vinegar to add sparkle to your home.  Cigarettes, cigars and pipes destroy lungs; don't smoke.  Step back from the pace and demands of the day, release the stress that knots muscles and strangles tissues, and just BE.

I will climb down from my soapbox now.  *smile*  Weaving a prayer of joy for your journey today.

Prayers written on strips of cloth and woven onto a loom, joining the prayers of other sojourners.
Massanetta Springs, June 2010


The Tidy Brown Wren said...

I think we have all blindly trusted the government to protect us from harmful products. After all, aren't there many federal and stage agencies whose job it is to mandate safe food, clothes, and housegoods? I've slowly learned that it is my responsibility to read labels and research the ingredients in items I use and buy. Thanks for sharing the importance of being alert. God bless you.

Donna Rae Barrow, Resource Center Director said...

Tidy Brown Wren, you are so sweet to share... so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and hope we can get together again!

softearthart said...

Yes, I think it is important to "be" your own start in cleaning up your own home,no toxic anything, in the food,products,clothing etc, it is not easy, but you will feel better for it. cheers Marie

The Cottage Girl said...

I'm glad you did get on that soap box Donna Rae. It's caring people like you that help us to live our lives the best that we can. You are a great example to the rest of us!

We know so much more than the generations before us. It's time to get cleaned up and back to the simple life.

Mia said...

I enjoyed this post, and saw that CNN report of Toxic Childhood--what an eye-opener!!