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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm feeling a bit frayed today.            From the verb, "fray":



transitive verb
a : to wear (as an edge of cloth) by or as if by rubbing : fret b : to separate the threads at the edge of 
That's it.  I'm feeling worn around the edges, rubbed threadbare by the dis-ease and car trouble and sadness and busy-ness of life on this earth.  Like bits of me are hanging like loose threads as I try to keep everything tidy and running smoothly.  
So it must be time for a little break.  A little tea, a quiet place, a doggie by my side.  And then I will open the Pages of healing and peace and joy.  I will drink deep the Living Waters.  I will be refreshed by the Word.   I'll see you all when my frayed edges have been smoothed by the Maker.


Bending Birches said...

much love to you...

donna rae said...

...received with gratitude. Thank you, Rebecca!

Craig said...

Donna Rae - oh, we are also broken – we are also afraid. I never believed it when I was young and adults would say life is a struggle – and I would counter with "no - life is beautiful it's wonderful it's a gift" – and so many times it can be – but we know as we get older that if this is all there is – this just isn't enough – and THIS is hard. I just finished praying for you Donna Rae - for the frayed edges, for the hurt, for the strength to keep it all together – even as you are frayed. God bless you!

donna rae said...

Such grace and kindness... thank you, Craig.