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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

girls just wanna have lunch...

I love a girls' lunch... yummy food, girl talk, and oh, the laughter!!!  But what about taking it one step further by planning a HEALTHY potluck lunch with girlfriends?

It's been such a treat to be invited to just that kind of lunch at the home of my friend, Lanette.  (Check out her blog, Homesteading on the Homefront!)  She invites a handful of friends to come at 11:00 in the morning.  Each one brings a HEALTHY dish to share, along with copies of the recipe.  As the ladies arrive, we add our dishes to the kitchen island.  Each new dish creates a stir of 'oooh's and 'aaaah's and eagerness to try it, as well as questions about how it was made and what ingredients it contains. 

This time, we enjoyed the following menu.  Links to similar recipes are included:
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with veggies and pita triangles

Plates and bowls were filled and brought to the table.  A blessing was offered and we began to sample each tasty item until our plates were empty.  

Each one of us follows a different eating plan or style.  Each one is in a different stage of our healthy lifestyle journeys.  But on this day we came together to share delicious, healthy, whole food items, created with love.  We shared, but also listened and supported one another right where we are.  We affirmed each other as gorgeous and vibrant women created by a loving God.  We laughed and laughed.

And we parted with our bodies full of good, healthy fuel for the remainder of the day, with recipes for the delicious, nutritious dishes we'd tried, and with a feeling of shared community with girl pals doing our best to take care of ourselves.

Plan a HEALTHY potluck with your friends and encourage one another!

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Martha Doe said...

The healthy lunch looks delicious! What are some of the recipes? what are the tomatoes on? They look so crunch and delicious!