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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

the flying Spring (lots of photos)...

Has it really been 3 months since we've visited here?  It's hard to believe!  Spring here at Flannel Jammies Farm:  our daughter's wedding, bees everywhere, newly built raised beds, a pen pal, Easter's joy, helping a high school student with a bee awareness project, achieving full Virginia Beach Master Gardener status, hanging with friends, and so much more!  Rather than bore you with my fumbling words, here are some photos to catch you up to where we are now, in no particular order...

Chatting and stitching with Paulette Stewart
Once Upon a Tea with dearest Cathy
The dogwood Daddy gave me long ago
Our new Tom-built raised beds
Working with Alanna, sharing about bees
Snail Mail from my pen pal
Installing a Natural Playscape at church
Top-Bar Hive
On the road with Joan and Lanette
Spring stitching
Chihuly exhibit with the Zamorskis
New beadboard ceiling and amazing green paint
Working at the Children's Garden
Our daughter designed her wedding stationery
Trista's bridal beauty
Handsome groom
Me and my girl
Wonder what these siblings are chatting about?
The cake, complete with Star Wars quote
The groom's cake
One serious ring bearer
Wedding flowers and smiles
Father and daughter
Walking the courtyard aisle
Tom presenting the bride
The kiss and the cutest flower girl
Our family
Tom's boutonniere
I can have Leia buns, too!
Sweet cousins
A toast (thanks, Joan, for those stunning goblets!)
These ladies...  love my family!

Traveling the Blue Ridge
Dehydrating cherries
Hanging at Notforgotten Farm with Lori Brechlin
Trapping a swarm in a nuc box

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