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Friday, July 22, 2016

tiny moments...

The test comes back with something new.  Something you weren't expecting.  You pick up the phone to hear your doctor's voice, calling unexpectedly, using the word, "alarmed".  **deep breath**

I could not have predicted this journey with FAP (familial adenomatous polyposis).  I deluded myself that a surgery a few years back to prevent full-blown cancer was the end of the story.  I was a pre-vivor!  And yeah, I have other illnesses, but I can handle those!  This particular hereditary cancer syndrome, though, is tricky, and new polyps are happy to form wherever they wish, of a type that become cancerous if left in place to thrive.

Another procedure looms to vacate a plump and cantankerous growth and many of his smaller neighbors.  Another team of folks trying to keep me strong and cancer-free.  I am so very grateful for all the wise and skilled people guiding me to wellness.  But I needed a moment to catch my breath...

We decided to run away, just for a few days, to the place most sacred and healing for me: the blue, blue mountains of my beloved Virginia.  We wandered.  We laughed.  We walked.  We ate.  We adventured.  And my heart burst open wide. 

I found the camera pointing at textures, focusing in small and profound.  These tiny moments, stay here, linger here.  Here is healing.  Here are secrets waiting to be heard. 

Let me share these tiny moments with you...

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