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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Frugality and Sustainabilty

Hi, my name is Donna Rae, and I'm a fashion snob.

It's true, and I'm sharing this with you, my friends, in the spirit of honesty and Christian accountability.  I have spent alot of time shopping for, caressing, and purchasing gorgeous, girly clothing.  I also have spent alot of time poo-poo-ing my son for his years of shopping in thrift stores, for buying interesting girls soccer t-shirts from unknown destinations and hard-sided suitcases that smell like old man.  (I would never poo-poo his wife, as I adore her and she does not, like my son, HAVE TO love me.)  For this, I am deeply sorry, because I have discovered the thrill of the hunt for beautiful things at an amazing price... things that would have otherwise gone to our ever-growing landfills.

So, today, I was Olympic in my efforts.  There, at our local consignment store, were two excellent finds!  An Ann Taylor suit, black sheath and jacket, in my size and in perfect condition for... are you seated?... $15!!!   Additionally, a gray (my favorite color in the whole world!) brocade jacket which fits beautifully.  The whole spree was $43 with tax. 

Living simply, living frugally, living sustainably... living free of the trappings of this world and free of the competition with each other... living for God, not for my mortgage or my clothing budget or some THING. 

My sweet son, you had it right all along...

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Joy said...

I am trying so hard not to snort hot chocolate (yes, it was one of *those* Tuesdays) through my nose as I read this post....especially as you describe R's clothing tastes...welcome to the dark side, my friend, welcome. :) :)