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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great post on GMOs

So, here I am at my little desk, looking out my window onto what will soon be a thriving garden of organically grown YUMMINESS.  I'm thanking God for this bright day of sunshine and breezes.  I'm checking some of my favorite blogs.  Some make me laugh out loud.  Some inspire me to create.  Some make me think.  Most of you know that I'm very interested in and passionate about food issues.  You know that I can always be counted on for a review of the latest food documentary or vegan dish at a local restaurant.  My veggies arrive uninvited on your desk at work or the Fellowship Hall table at church.

So today, when I visited Homestead Revival, I was rewarded with a great post and follower's comments on GMOs, organics and the future of food.  Check it out.  I'll be here when you get back...

How do you travel down today's cloverleaf-strewn superhighway of food and nutrition?  Do you choose organic?  Do you buy local?  Do you nurture a backyard (or back 40) garden?

I, for one, get off the highway whenever I can, take the rural route, and buy local, organic (certified or not) food from people I can get to know.  I ask questions and share tips and request recipes.  I wander the fields and touch the dirt my shopping bag contents were grown in.  I smile and laugh and restore my soul on those days.  Compare that to a shopping day in your local megastore on payday:  YIKES!

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