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Saturday, March 13, 2010

In a moment...

Saturday morning.  Raining.  Laundry to do.  Organizing to be tackled.  Closet update for Spring awaiting.  Menu planning.  Oh, and cleaning the bathroom.  *sigh*

Into the bathroom.  Spray some cleaner.  Swish. Scrub. Lean. Pull. Wipe.  Open the window to get some fresh air flow.  And in a moment...


Outside the foggy bathroom window of a working class suburban neighborhood, I found peace.

A sweet bird song in the misty early-Spring morning air, calling to me to come away and rest.  To come aside and hear the song of peace and joy.  To breathe the fresh air and be revived. 

This has been a public service announcement of the Donna Rae Emergency Stress-Relieving Network.  Please go to your nearest window, look, listen, breathe, and behold the glory of God's creation.  Thank You.

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