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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fridays in the Garden

Life is good... really good... even when it's not so good.  It's been a difficult couple of years, but a faithful and healing God has brought us through, teaching us and molding us along the way. 

Part of the journey is learning to ENJOY this life I've been blessed with.  To let go of perfectionism (not totally, of course, I am a work in progress!), to stop waiting for the bigger house or for the house I'm in to be clean enough.  To stop worrying about what 'should be'.  To 'dare to let go'.

Enter "Fridays in the Garden".

Each Friday, we're in our garden from 4pm until 6pm, with snacks and cool drinks, expectantly waiting to be surprised by the visitor(s) coming through the garden gate. 

We never know who it might be: a friend from church, a former neighbor, a coworker, a nine-day old wee bit of sunshine and joy.  It's a protected appointment for fellowship, for TIME with friends and family, rather than just a "Hi, how are you?" in passing. 

The visits are sprinkled with smiles and laughter and joy, and I consider them a gift from God to celebrate this life I'm living.  How do you celebrate this precious life with friends?

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The Tidy Brown Wren said...

What a wonderful idea. It's true that you won't find the time to celebrate life - you have to make the time. May you enjoy your Fridays every week.