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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Signs of Spring on a Cold Saturday...

Just as I was getting used to working in the garden, planning for Springtime diversions, and swapping my tired winter clothing for Spring-y pieces in my closet, the cold returned.  And there's a chance of a wintry mix in the morning!

Blessed with a positive outlook and the love of a faithful Lord (and a very patient family!), I continue to look toward warmer weather and Easter joy.   I no longer have little ones at home, but a little seasonal cheer does every soul good.  So here's a look at some of today's sprinklings...

Doorway Greetings: A ribbon wreath created by a dear friend and a tiny Easter banner

Signs of Spring Buffet
Egg Cup... we dyed and decorated these blown-out eggs last year
One Egg Cracked Open... and look what came out!
Primitive Bunny Reading Stories... on the rocker from my father-in-law's childhood


Craig said...

Four days ago it was 80 degrees - snowed 4 inches yesterday – it’s almost gone by 1PM as of today – I kind of like the variety :) But all the spring in these pictures – what a job you’ve done – no matter what the weather outside – I’d be smiling “spring” inside.

God Bless and keep you
May His face shine upon you…
and all of yours.

donna rae said...

Thank you for sweet words, Craig... Springtime blessings to you!