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Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Direction...

Once again, I am going against the flow.  I've arrived again at the fork in the road

And again, I've waited and pondered and chosen the path of less work, less money, and more joy.

The last year has been a challenging one.  A new job for me.  A new job for Treasured Husband.  A new job for Sweet Daughter.  New pursuits for Precious Son and his Wonderful Wife.  A slowing down for Mother Dear.  It's been a year of constant change and constant searching and constant adaptation.  I'm tired... worn by the shifting priorities and survival moments and just-trying-to-keep-up.
But again, God is in the midst.  Calling me to calm, wooing me back to the Word for relief.  He is my refuge, my strength, my salvation in those moments when I know I've reached not the fork in, but the end of, the road.  When I hang my head in despair, He calls me to take one more look, revealing that it's only a bend in that road.

So I have a new direction, a soft spot to land, part-time publications work for my hands and more time for the real and true things.  It's a sweet surprise.  I am awed and grateful.

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Lisa C. said...

Going with the flow of God's journey for you may be contra to contemporary accepted practice, but is always the best choice. The Holy Spirit will be the breath beneath you to keep you within God's flow and light with God's love. - but then, you already know that :)