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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Seven Gifts...

Today, it's hard, counting gifts.  I feel so broken.  Flailing, wild-eyed, in need of rest and healing.

It shows on my face.  It pours out in my words. 

Just Seven Gifts?  And Ann provides a sweet and lovely mini journal to write them in?  Can I stop struggling in His arms long enough to count them today?  Can His quiet voice and song of Love still me?

If I but ask...

1.  Time with a son and his wife, full of life and gentleness and artistry
2.  New additions to the gardens, planted and watered

3.  Tom's unfailing love

4.  Good words from doctors treating my mother

5.  Sunshine and warmth and the blessed hope of Spring
6.  Overalls, too big with frayed hems

7.  His arms around me, holding me still, shushing my struggles, calling me to His rest


Beth said...

Jumped over from Ann's and
love # 7!

In His Arms, Beth

Cindy in PA said...

Thank you for sharing your thankfulness especially during difficult times. Blessings.

Stephanie said...

<3 I love that you are giving thanks in the midst of the brokenness. Been there, done that. God truly meets us in the broken places!