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Friday, July 15, 2011

What's in that jar?

So, I've become obsessed with canning.  At least it's a healthy habit.  But my cozy kitchen in my little ranch home was becoming a storage facility for jars of all sorts.  Today, I decided to take my kitchen back!

I gathered all the supplies to label the jars before putting them away.  Labels should be pretty, right?
I had some lovely cardstock that I'd marbelized a few years ago, so I pulled that out and loaded my printer with it.  I set up a simple document with 4 columns and typed out the names of the items I'd canned and the year (...2011...).  Then I hit "print".  Voila!

I used my tag punch to punch out each tag.  (Tip: if you put the punch down on the work surface upside down and then insert paper to be punched, you can see exactly where to place the paper for the best alignment inside the punch shape.  Then just press down with equal pressure to punch through the paper.)  I like to use the 1/8" hole punch for the tag's hole... it's petite and the string doesn't look 'lost' in this smaller hole.  Then I attached each tag to the appropriate jar with green twine to coordinate with the marbelized color.
When all the tags were attached, the jars were ready for their spot in the pantry.  Don't they look pretty all lined up?  I know that in the deep of winter, not only will these canned goodies be delicious, but the jars and tags will give me a smile when I open the pantry door!
Now, on to blackberries and plums and peaches...


kacey said...

I am very jealous of your pantry! How fun it must be to visit your summer harvest all-year long. And those pickles look DIVINE- hope you share your recipe with us!

sarah said...

I'm so impressed with your talents!! Looks yummy!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

How pretty all your jars look! I need to get that punch!