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Monday, April 2, 2012

Come back...

Come back to the things you did at first...  
Revelation 2:4-5

I served the women of a sweet church recently at their retreat.  We talked about the cure for spiritual apathy: repenting and returning to your first love, to the things you did at first.

I have wandered far in the last three years.  I've travelled long, with a promise to visit my heart's 'home' every few days.  But time slips through my fingers like so much dry sand, each day ending before I have shared enough moments with my Lord.

It is time to come home.  Time to come back to the things I did at first.  Long moments in silent joy and expectation.  Afternoons of weed-pulling in the garden, the outward example of the simultaneous sin-pulling whispered low.  Days of retreated bliss from the cares of this world.  Sabbath restoration filled with prayer and journaling and art and singing (badly but deeply!) to my King.

Lists of gifts, hard and soft, colorful and muted, joyful and tearful...
Thanking Him today...

- that surgery is not the answer for the pain

- that tomatoes are planted every year on April 1st

- that my children are creative and fill their lives with art

- that Spring brings blossoms every year, no matter the troubles around them

- that husband is so sure, so loving, so grounded

- that Jesus gave

- that children laugh over eggs of so many colors

- that Jesus is alive

- that fountains flow and water soothes

- that Jesus is Lord

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