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Monday, April 9, 2012

doors closing... doors opening

After the dark sadness of Friday, after the waiting of Saturday, Sunday broke open bright and fresh and new... alive!  This our hope, our joy:  He IS alive!

Recently I had been searching for the living among the dead, looking into tombs of old things for new life.  And it left me empty and sad and angry.  Doors closing on the life I knew.  Doors I wanted to remain open.   I wanted to be the person I was, healthier, more vibrant, stronger.

But other doors were opened to me, to the me I now am.  Perhaps weaker, but relying more on power beyond my own.  Perhaps dimmer, but quieted to His presence.  Doors flinging open into the new life He has for me.  To the bright light of who He is and what I can be if I but follow.

I am ever thankful for the gifts He brings, the joy of His presence and power in all my moments...  for doors closing and for doors opening and for stones rolled away and for empty tombs and for life, precious life...

- light dawning

- Easter people gathering to praise in the early moments

- joyful song

- an unexpected visitor that dropped into the Courtyard for sunrise service

- the Word

- eggs painted with such care and such love by hands made gentle with wisdom and age (these eggs are hand-painted each year for servants in our church music program by the father of our choir director... a man of many years and of great faith, a shepherd of the flock, Grandpa Bill)

- doors closing

- doors opening

- Jesus... prophet, priest, king... risen and alive


Kelly Hallahan said...

there's hope in this post. keep clinging to your hope! He is risen indeed! blessings from Uganda

Brianne said...

These are wonderful gifts you've shared and I celebrate with you! My favorite has to be that duck that joined Easter service... all your photos show the special meaning behind everything....

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful post!
Thank you so much for sharing and may all your doors bring hope, love and His beautiful light.