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Monday, April 1, 2013


I have always loved bees.  And the hubs likes them, too. 

We became interested in keeping bees a few years ago after becoming aware of the honeybee population decline and colony collapse disorder.  We viewed the movies Vanishing of the Bees and Queen of the Sun together and started planting pollinator-friendly plants near our vegetable garden to attract and protect these precious insects.  Click HERE for a list of bee-friendly plants in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
Suited up and ready!

For Christmas, the hubs and I shared a gift:  the Basic Beekeeping course offered by the Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia.  IT WAS FABULOUS!!!  We went for three Saturdays in a row and filled our minds to the bursting point with all things beekeeping.  Sign us up for a beekeeping mentor, please! 
Me in my oh-so-attractive beekeeper's veil

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first hands-on bee experience.  Our mentor's hive had to be split to prevent the bees from swarming... we'll be right over to observe and help!  What amazing creatures!  We observed so many things and helped where we could, splitting our mentor's hive into 2 hives plus a nuc box (a small starter hive). 

Cannot WAIT to get our own hive.  We're fortunate that our city allows home beekeeping.  Here I share with you some of the wonder-filled things we saw that day...
Bees coming and going from our mentor's hive

The hubs and I trying to light the smoker

Smoke calms the bees

Hubs testing the smoker

Opening the hive and finding SO MANY bees!

Using the hive tool to pull out the a frame of comb and bees

Lots of bees!

Bees with capped brood, eggs, and larvae

There she is... the Queen... with the yellow dot!
Captured Queen

Bee cleaning house and another in flight

Take-offs and Landings

Me taking a look at a frame from the hive

Me pulling a full frame out of the hive


When finished (L to R): Hive 1, Nuc Box, Hive 2

One of our new friends bids farewell to the hubs


Nancy Flanagan said...

It really was a remarkable day! There is such catharsis in working in the hive. They settled down once they all had someplace to go. The hives look great and they seem happier! Looking forward to working in the hive on Thursday!

Tom Barrow said...

This was so amazing!

Tom Barrow said...

This was amazing!!!