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Monday, July 29, 2013

corn cutting made easy...

It's that time of year...  you drive down the quiet roads and tall stalks of green corn, pregnant with plump ears, obstruct your view on either side.  The corn is in abundance now, sweet, juicy, and totally delicious! 

That means it's also time to put up some corn, locking in that sweet taste of summer for the colder, darker months ahead.  Whether you freeze it, can it, dehydrate it, grind it... whatever... you need to start by shucking the husks off (I am blessed with a daughter who's been doing this job for me!) and cleaning the tender ears and then...

the job I loathe...

cutting the corn off the cob.  I get it everywhere!  I've tried using my knife with the ears in a bowl.  I've tried the much-pinned method of standing the ear in a Bundt pan and cutting the kernels off, with them supposedly falling just-so into the pan.. only not-so when I tried it.  Corn ends up everywhere!  Am I just a slob?  Am I just too flagrant with the knife?  As my husband would say, "Who could tell and how would a little bunny know?"

When I recently went a little nuts and bought a bushel of bi-color corn from one of my favorite local farms, I was faced with all that corn to cut from the cob.  And it came to me, as I'm sure it's come to many others in the past:  a mandoline! 

So I set it up.  I adjusted the cutting depth to allow the corn to be cut perfectly from the cob without destroying the kernels and without cutting into the cob.  And I laid that ear on the mandoline, holding it firmly on top with my fingers WELL out of the cutting path, and I swiped it over the blade.

The sky opened!  Angels sang!  The corn cut quickly, cleanly, beautifully... and all the corn gathered politely just under the mandoline.

I was done with that bushel of corn in record time.  Clean up was a snap.  And later that day I had a couple dozen jars of beautiful bi-color corn for my larder. 

I'm under no delusion that I'm the first person to think of this method, but I had to share my happiness over its efficacy!

Happy days of summer corn, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much. I planted corn this year and was unsure how I was going to manage.

Theresa said...

Okay. Seriously. Why didn't I think of this!? We use an electric knife each year to do it and it seems to go pretty quick, but this would be quick--er? Maybe? We are are done with our corn for the season so I'll take note and try this next year! Thanks for the idea!

Vickie @ makingoursustainablelife.com said...

What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that! You are a genius! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That's a really great idea! I bet it makes the process much faster too instead of using a knife. We planted some corn this year but something ate it all already! Hopefully I can find some good sweet corn in bulk to put up!

Visiting from the From The Farm blog hop :)


Anonymous said...

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