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Thursday, August 15, 2013

waking up...

I've recently been waking up... my own version of a Rip Van Winkle experience...

It's been a long road of physical pain and exhaustion, a road with gut-wrenching twists and sharp turns and uneven pavement and Hummer-swallowing potholes.

But the road led me here.  This place of awakening and wonder after years of ever-increasing darkness.

Let me just say this:

Pray hard and often.  Hear God when He speaks.  Seek His face and heed His Word.

Listen to your body.  It tells so much each day, but speaks so softly.  It has a story you need to hear.

Discover the least invasive, most natural ways to do everything.  Cooking, gardening, cleaning, beekeeping, healing... whatever.  Tread gently on the road as you travel.

Give thanks always.  Extend grace always.  Live abundantly always.

Be well, dear ones.

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