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Thursday, August 29, 2013

on the breeze today...

Amid the daily chores and hurried errands and never-ending sound of the air conditioning unit, it happened.

The 'clever North wind' lifted the leaves from the trees and swirled them, sending them dancing and sparkling above the bee hives and growing things.  The leaves floated and then slipped silently to the green grass, coming to rest artfully in the afternoon sun.

Autumn, dear ones, is in the air.  Pencils and notebooks are filling shopping bags.  Knitting needles become clothed in wool and begin preparations for the chill to come.  Acorn and butternut replace zucchini and yellow crookneck at the market stands. 

My garden, tired from the labors of summer, is refreshed with plantings of beets and broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  Lettuce seeds are tucked into the soft, brown earth to grow through the cool of Fall and Winter.  Next Spring's harvests of onion and garlic are put into motion now, too.  Asters and sedums bloom; bees and butterflies come to the feast. 

Autumn (and the joy it brings me) is indeed in the air, a gift from the God of creation whispered on the breeze today.  And though I know Summer will not give up without a fight, my heart returns a prayer of gratitude and love. 

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