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Friday, December 28, 2007


Ok, I get it. Kids like it. Adults like it. Business professionals like it. Gotta say... I don't like MySpace! I toured all of the Discovery Resources and I found the YouTube Video on How to sign up for a MySpace account very easy to follow. It looked like a very simple process to get you started. I'm sure I could do it. BUT I HAVE A REAL LIFE... a very busy real life that includes meeting people face to face and seeing their facial expressions as they tell me about their day... a life that allows me time to garden and read and sit very quietly and NOT touch a keyboard which I do all day at work... a life that is filled with moments and emotions and smells and tastes that create indelible memories that I can visit any moment of any day. My real life does not involve updating my MySpace page to tell countless strangers about the minutia of my existence. My real life does not involve collecting online friends like trophies. My real life does not involve ranting or spewing or listening to others do the same. I can understand that it's fun and fast and seems harmless, but what do we lose as we spend hours in front of our computers instead of going on a sunny picnic with a friend or viewing art in cool, dark, silent museums or listening to jazz 10 feet from the soulful musician as he plays? After viewing all of the resources and taking the online tours and even talking with my adult children about MySpace, I still don't like it, don't want to try it, and don't have time for it. Sorry.

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