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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Simply del.icio.us

I had NO IDEA what social bookmarking was all about... folksonomy, tags, blah, blah, blah. After reading and viewing MANY of the resources, I have a much better understanding, and I can definitely see how this can be helpful in research. It's the answer to a nagging problem I have when blindly researching a topic: finding that golden needle in the massive, prickly haystack. With social bookmarking, I would have the ability to view what like-minded people and objects of my admiration have bookmarked instead of wading through hundreds of items brought up by a traditional search engine. My thought was that all these online resources could smother me and kill my real life, but here's a tool that can help me filter the information to get at what I really can use. YAY!

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