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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: the year of . . .

Welcome to the year 2011!  The year of . . .  what?

Many of the bloggers I follow have adopted words for this new year:  the year of HOPE, the year of HERE, the year of PATIENCE, the year of JOY, and so on. 

As I thought about what word I might like to live out this year, so many came to mind:

The year of ORDER (where is the thing I'm looking for right now and where do I put the thing I've just stumbled upon that I was looking for last week?)

The year of JOY (mine seems to come in spurts these days, like mustard from an almost-empty squeeze bottle)

The year of LOVE (I have not loved as I should, or as I would want to be, or as He has loved me)

The year of PEACE (3 jobs among the two of us in jeopardy in 2010, 2 new careers begun, ill health and dis-ease in our family, the urgent overtaking the important at every turn... I want peace)

But instead I chose to go to the Source, not the symptoms.  This year will be the year of PRAYER.  Of course, I pray.  When I think to.  When I have time to.  When I need to.  But were I truly honest with myself, I have a critically anemic prayer life.  Through prayer (conversation and relationship) with the Master of Order, the Joy-giver, the Lord of Love, the Prince of Peace, all these things will be added to my daily walk.
Pray with me, won't you?  May the path to our prayer closets or prayer corners or prayer chairs be well worn this year!


Lisa C. said...

Wonderful post to start the year. Thank you and blessings for a year of walking and talking with our Lord and Savior.

softearthart said...

Many thanks for your kind words on my blog, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Donna Rae, for visiting me as well. This post is softly touching my heart. I, too, pray, yet fit your description so well...anemic is such a great word for it! Not good though! Yes, I join you and pray that my path is well-worn too.

I am a retired school teacher and children's librarian for one of our public libraries in Corpus Christi, TX. I absolutely loved being a librarian. Being surrounded by books and those who love them was wonderful. I find that all of the computers in libraries have taken some of the old ambience away though! But the future marches on!
And I love seeing the snow "at the beach". We had snow here "at the beach" in 2004 on Christmas Eve and Day. Oh, what a gift He gave us that day! The people had Christmas like never before, leaving the gifts behind and played and enjoyed family and friends all over the area! Wonderful!
May your day be blessed and may you bless those you touch, ~ linda