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Friday, January 18, 2008

Locating Podcasts

How frustrating! I was unhappy with the idea of leaving my desk to go to a public computer to visit Podcast.net or Podcastalley.com... the Library 2.0 process is time-consuming enough without having to venture to a different space to do the work. Sssoooooo... I went to Yahoo Podcasts and after several starts and stops and long, winding trails that led nowhere, I found several podcasts on gardening. One of particular interest, and the one that I added the RSS feed to my GoogleReader account, was the BBC's Farming Today. This was fascinating! My daughter will ONLY view and listen to BBC News, NEVER does she partake of American newscasts, because she feels that the news from BBC is more complete, impartial, and, well, interesting. After sampling the podcasts of Farming Today, I agree with her! Podcasts are great for alot of reasons, but I am, as always, old-fashioned. I still read the paper, the real, made from pulp, inky and smelly paper. Many of my friends and co-workers get their news from the internet, through alerts, feeds and podcasts. It's great that we live in a time when each can choose his/her own method of delivery for information.

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