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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Learning 2.0 Experience

Thing 29... such a relief! I have learned so much over the last several weeks... things I would never have known were out there, so I wish to thank those responsible for creating, offering, updating, and tracking this massive learning experience. I especially enjoyed learning about Flickr, and it was great fun to find a video of my son's band playing a club on YouTube, but neither of these were very useful to my work. The down side, to me, is that so much of this takes time... time I do not have. And while many things can be very useful in my work, such as Rollyo, others are just time-hogs and escapism, like MySpace. Another disappointment was that so many of the links and resources didn't work, either because they were blocked or no longer functional or no one was home at the VBPL IM site. This creates frustration: I take the time from my duties as a staff member to complete these voluntary exercises, I listen to the podcast, read the resources and set out to complete the exercises and BAM! I hit a brick wall. Would I do it again... Yes. But am I so glad it's coming to an end... YES!

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