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Friday, January 18, 2008

Podcasts and Video

Again, I was unsuccessful lots of times before hitting a few that worked... and worked well. I was intrigued by the Denver Public Library site, which seemed to offer children's stories on podcast. This is a GREAT idea, but I couldn't test it out; Websense said NO! How sad for me! I was in the mood for some cookies and a good story! Finally I visited John Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries. WOW! I really enjoyed the podcast hosted by Andi Bartlestein on Ask A Librarian. This conversation with a librarian from Eisenhower Library detailed for the listener how students, faculty and staff can work with the librarians to find desired information. The speakers detailed the Information Desk, the Librarian's office, the concept of different librarians for different departments, and how to get help from a librarian online and over the phone. This is a really beneficial use of library podcasts!

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