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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Explored Technorati today and looked at popular blogs, searches and tags. I must be really old and living my life under a rock, but I really don't get this. I mean, I understand how it works, and it was interesting to look at, but would I spend my time exploring and getting updates from the opinions of others? Well, no. To me, a blog is just that: an opinion. Everybody's got one. So what if 3,871 people have chosen a particular blog as a favorite? I was surprised when I explored the popular blogs: one of them, "PharmacyBLOG", seemed to be nothing more than a warehouse for all those Viagra spams we keep receiving in our City e-mail inboxes... when I clicked on this blog to look at it, no blog was there, but I clicked on the thumbnail to the left and I was directed to ads for online pharmacy sales. Too weird... was this blog a front for online Viagra? Was it for viewing drug commercials? Was it prescription spam? Another interesting thing, as I explored another favorite blog: the "fans" section to the left under the blog's thumbnail should be for those who are fans of the blog, right? Well, the fans on this particular blog were, again, sales pitches... click on one and you get an ad for something you neither need or want. I was able to claim this blog as mine, however. And do this: Add to Technorati Favorites.

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